BookShout!’s Market-Leading Technology Allows Corporations and Organizations to Distribute Ebooks in Bulk Through Branded Sites, Codes, Gift Cards, Text Messaging and More

BookShout!, the market leader in special and bulk ebook sales to corporations and organizations, announced that they have distributed 9.4 million ebook codes in the past 12 months, and expects to double that number by early 2015. With more than 3,000 bulk ebook orders placed by major corporations and universities, BookShout! has experienced accelerated growth as more and more organizations request mass quantities of ebook for events, corporate rewards, and client retention. BookShout! has served Microsoft, Intel, CareerBuilder, Lockheed Martin, Marriott, and Teach for America to name a few.

BookShout!’s innovative technology gives corporations a myriad of delivery options, that maintain a company’s brand identity while also protecting reader data. Organizations may choose to have ebooks delivered by pin codes, gift cards or text messaging. Removing unnecessary and time-consuming steps found elsewhere, which delay the readers’ gratification, BookShout!’s proprietary technology allows readers to be inside the book with just a few simple steps, either from a computer or mobile device.

BookShout! works with more than 2000 publishing partners worldwide, including HarperCollins Publishers, Macmillan, Perseus Books Group, Simon & Schuster and Workman Publishing — as well as corporations throughout the U.S., U.K., and Canada. BookShout!’s native iOS and Android apps along with the HTML5 mobile and web readers ensure ebook accessibility on the latest devices.

“BookShout! has built a very elegant, turn-key solution for bulk and special sales,” said Andrea Fleck-Nisbet, the Executive Director of Digital Publishing at Workman Publishing. “Our clients have been more than pleased with the look, feel, and experience.”

Authors are also getting in on the action by taking ebook cards and text-to-buy campaigns to their speaking events and live online chats. Campaigns may even be set up to allow all attendees of an event to buy the book individually at a pre-set price determined by the publisher.