CareerBuilder and “Finding the Next Steve Jobs”

April 23, 2013By Alex VasquezSuccess Stories

Nolan Bushnell has always been an innovator leading the way.  As the former CEO of Atari and an employer to the young Steve Jobs, he has time and time again embraced new technologies that engage people and create conversation.  With the recent release of his much anticipated book, “Finding the Next Steve Jobs,” Nolan made … Read More

Kauffman Foundation & the Global Entreprenuership Congress

April 22, 2013By Alex VasquezSuccess Stories

The Kauffman Foundation is one of the largest foundations in the U.S.–and the world–devoted to entrepreneurship and innovation.  In order to provide the book, Startup Communities, to hundreds of innovative thinkers at the Global Entreprenuership Congress in Rio, Brazil, the Kauffman Foundation engaged bookshout! and our bulk sales and distribution tools. With branded promotional cards, … Read More

TeXchange – One to Watch

April 21, 2013By Alex VasquezSuccess Stories

TeXchange is one of the premier technology entrepreneur community in Texas for startup founders, business executives, and investors to meet, exchange ideas, and share experiences.  Like most organizations and events, it is traditionally quite difficult to order books, distribute them, and stay connected to the attendees.   To overcome these hurdles, TeXchange ordered all of the books for … Read More

“More or Less” an Author Tour & Launch

February 13, 2013By Alex VasquezSuccess Stories

To kick off the launch of Jeff Shinabarger’s new book, “More or Less”, David C. Cook ordered 500 digital copies of the book to hand out at the event and future events.  Authors can build their following by simply speaking and selling digital books on their tours.  For each book sold, the reader can be … Read More