Through our API, integrate the buying and reading experience with your website to expand your reach and gather audience data.

Sell eBooks as standalone digital offers and product bundles on your own website

Feature digital content while leveraging captured data to empower remarketing efforts

Earn more meaningful revenue throughout the consumer journey

Offer your customers an end-to-end reading experience while BookShout handles the fulfillment, reporting, and customer service.

Add to your revenue stream with a digital sales strategy.

Gain buyer insight through reader analytics and data aggregation.

Extended Benefits Include

Save big with bulk purchasing

Choose from over 1.5 million eBooks from top publishers

iOS and Android apps with multi device sync

Use your own digital content or proprietary materials

Full data reporting for user insight and discovery

Community and FAQ resources for quick reference

Want our one-page overview to share?

BookShout Direct is the most elegant eBook platform that allows retailers, authors, and publishers to sell eBooks directly, increasing revenue and capturing user data.

1. Sell eBooks on your own site.
2. Increase your revenue.
3. Capture reader information and data.
4. Build an audience and re-market to them.
5. Bundle eBooks with other products.

With the BookShout Direct program, parters can sell millions of potential eBooks from thousands of publishing partners, all from their own website. Using the BookShout API and their own shopping cart, retailers can add eBooks to their product list, handle the transaction and capture reading data. Users are automatically signed in via the purchase process for a true “one click” buying and reading experience, allowing them to start reading on the top-rated iOS, Android, or web BookShout app.

Key Features and Highlights:

• Millions of eBooks from top publishers.Harpercollins-logo
• Integrated buying and reading experience.
• Gather analytics and data on readers and habits.FaithGatewayLogo
• Bundle eBooks with other products.
• Can integrate web reader on current website.pathway-logo-no-tagline
• Can read on BookShout iOS, Android, Kindle Fire HD, or web.
• BookShout handles all fulfillment, reporting, and customer service.gI_70628_green-wordmark-logo-R

Whether you are a retailer, publisher, or author, you can benefit from offering digital eBooks and controlling your own future.

Working with BookShout

Feel free to email us at for additional information. We have a long and growing list of happy clients and hope you'll join us as well. We look forward to hearing from you.

Case Studies: Pathway Stores, SXSW, American Express, Paleo Diet