Combine easy online selling with high-value eBooks and
client data to amplify your revenue without the hassle.

Partner with eBook experts to offer valuable eBooks with considerable mark up potential

Feature & sell digital content while leveraging captured data to empower remarketing efforts

Earn up to 3x more meaningful revenue throughout the consumer journey than other programs

The smarter way to monetize

As the smarter way to monetize, BookShout can capture client data for premium affiliate partners.

Grow audience loyalty and revenue opportunities with high-value digital products.

grow your audience & revenue
drive traffic to your website

Use BookShout's digital flexibility to your advantage and drive traffic to your website.

Two program options, Standard Affiliate and Premium Affiliate, help you reach your specific goals.

standard or premium program options

Program options:

With our Standard Affiliate Program, partners can drive sales from their site to BookShout and earn upwards of 3x the revenue of other sources. BookShout handles the transaction, fulfillment, and reporting. Users can read on BookShout’s top-rated mobile app and web reader. No upfront fee, no monthly fee, no hassle. It’s the easiest—and quickest—solution in the industry.

With our Premium Affiliate Program, which affords partners 3-5x the revenue of the standard program (up to 25% of the sale) AND the ability to gather data and stay connected to their customers. Users who purchase ebooks through BookShout are aggregated and shared with our partners on a monthly basis through an online dashboard. No other program in the industry matches the revenue or data. For the first time, partners can access data for remarketing, future sales, client engagement and more. Upfront and monthly fees apply.

For questions, email us at or review our terms of service for additional information.

Extended Benefits Include

Save big with bulk purchasing

Choose from over 1.5 million eBooks from top publishers

iOS and Android apps with multi device sync

Use your own digital content or proprietary materials

Full data reporting for user insight and discovery

Community and FAQ resources for quick reference

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