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Earn upwards of 3x the revenue of other programs AND capture client data when using the BookShout Affiliate Program

Dr._Phil1. Increase your revenue
2. Capture reader information and data
3. Build an audience and connect with readers
4. Drive your website traffic

Unlike other affiliate programs which want you to grow their audience and revenue, BookShout’s goal is to help you grow your audience and revenue. We do this by offering up to 3x the revenue on all sales, and most importantly, we share purchaser data
with our premium partners. This allows you to get to know, re-market, and build a loyal following. Everything you need to be successful.

Two program options:

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We’ve designed two separate programs to help you achieve your goals.

With our STANDARD affiliate program, partners can drive sales from their site to BookShout and earn upwards of 3x the revenue of other sources. BookShout handles the transaction, fulfillment, and reporting. Users can read on BookShout’s top-rated mobile app and web reader. No upfront fee, no monthly fee, no hassle. It’s the easiest—and quickest—solution in the industry.

We also offer a PREMIUM affiliate program, which affords partners 3-5x the revenue of the
standard program (up to 25% of the sale) AND the ability to gather data and stay connected to
theirinsp-logo-bkgrnd customers.Users who purchase ebooks through BookShout are aggregated and shared with our partners on a monthly basis through an online dashboard. No other program in the industry matches the revenue or data. For the first time, partners can access data for re-marketing, future sales, client engagement and more. Upfront and monthly
fees apply.

Working with BookShout

If you want to GET STARTED, it’s fast and easy.  If you have any questions, email us at sales@bookshout.com or review our terms of service for additional information. Feel free to check out our current clients and case studies as well.


Case Studies:  Dr. Phil’s The Book Nook, Inspire Resources