Strengthen your book catalogue with digital copies, as bundles or standalone offers, fulfilled through BookShout. It’s a simple way to offer eBooks from your online store.


How It Works

Your customer makes their product selection. This can be a standalone eBook or a physical book bundle with the corresponding digital version. As an authorized digital retailer using BookShout’s email fulfillment API, you will be able to consume the purchase and payment as usual with no alteration to your current customer experience.

Once the purchase process is complete, and verified by you, the API will automatically generate a request for the eBook and BookShout will kick off the fulfillment process.

Step 3: THE CODE
BookShout instantly generates an email containing the redemption code for the purchased eBook along with step-by-step instructions for quick and easy redemption. Your customer can begin reading their eBook, purchased through your website and fulfilled through BookShout, right away.

Here’s how the fulfillment process works behind the scenes:

· API Client makes request to service
· If accepted, the service throws a transaction record with status of received into database
· BookShout servers periodically and regularly poll the database for received transactions and attempts to process them
· Once a transaction is processed, a code is sent to the user’s email that was supplied in the original request

To see the fulfillment process in action, use the following:

api_key: aAKdRGKRDO54lZcavqPyt7rdcCaPnuwj6nYZceAJ
isbn: BS97814516879

cURL Command:

NodeJS Script:

Ruby SDK:

When you are ready to get started using the fulfillment process with your own company, please contact the BookShout sales team at

Unless expressly authorized by BookShout, you may not distribute, sublicense, lease, rent or re-syndicate the API key on a stand-alone basis, or display or perform the API anywhere except on your service. You may not authorize any third parties to take any action that would violate these API use restrictions. Any unauthorized use of this key will be billed to your account. This API is a server to server call.