Requirements: Offer an eBook as a gift-with-purchase  Cyber Monday eBook gift with purchase of language software.

Rosetta Stone is a brand that everyone knows and trusts. They focus on creating the best experience for their customers.

As part of Cyber Monday and the sales effort leading up to Christmas, Rosetta Stone partnered with BookShout to offer an eBook gift-with-purchase to anyone who purchased the language learning software. When a potential customer purchases a European-focused language, they receive a corresponding eBook via the BookShout platform. Rosetta Stone did a homepage takeover on USA Today in support of their gift-with-purchase campaign. In addition, various offers were created on daily deal sites and promoted on a number of other outlets. As a result, it was the perfect incentive for an online shopper wanting immediate gratification with minimal expense.

BookShout thrives on working with partners like Rosetta Stone, who are exploring various ways to sell print books, products, and eBooks in packages that best serve the end user.

Rosetta Stone