Requirements: Provide eBook gift cards for distribution at corporate event.

Microsoft, like many large Fortune 500 companies, has multiple conferences and employee events throughout the year, all over the world. At one of their annual events, Microsoft was looking for a unique way to distribute hundreds of copies of Windows Azure Mobile Services, by Bruce Johnson. Because of the sheer number of attendees, print books were out of the question.

To meet their requirements, BookShout put forward single-use printed gift cards that are idea for events large and small. The gift cards were designed using the company logo and eBook cover. The cards are shipped to the event and handed out accordingly. As a result, event attendees could redeem and download their new eBook at their leisure. Through the BookShout app, participants are able to read any time, any where.

Corporations and companies of all sizes use BookShout to fulfill their eBook (and print book) needs.