Requirements: Empower the new Pathway Stores site to sell eBooks.

Pathway Bookstores had a simple request—they needed to sell eBooks on their website.  After doing a fair amount of homework throughout the industry, they found BookShout had the only turnkey solution. BookShout offers fulfillment, customer service, data aggregation, web and mobile delivery, and reporting integrated in one, seamless experience.

Pathway was provided API access, allowing eBook sales on their own site. BookShout handles the delivery, fulfillment, customer service and reporting to the appropriate publishing partners. All content is managed through our current relationships with various publishers worldwide.

BookShout empowered Pathway to be up and running in a matter of weeks/months within their budget, as opposed to investing years of work and millions of dollars. You can see how they chose to create their user experience at in the “Buy e-Stuff” area.

There are various ways that a retailer or partner can implement eBook sales on their site and handle the fulfillment for their users.