Requirements: Become the reading platform for all HarperCollins direct sales, including DRM, reporting, marketing services, distribution and more.

HarperCollins, the third largest trade publisher in the world, needed a sophisticated end-to-end reading platform for their direct sales business. With the BookShout Direct program, parters can sell eBooks from the convenience of their own website. As a user purchases a book from or one of their affiliate websites, the transaction is handled on their side. The eBook fulfillment and all other aspects flow through BookShout’s proprietary technology. As a result, this elite publisher can now:

  • Provide users a single sign-on experience for simple and easy use
  • Allow users to read on BookShout’s 4-star iOS and Android app, the web reader, and from any web-enabled device
  • Build creative marketing and incentive programs around both digital and print books
  • Receive monthly reports on reader stats and progress
  • Sell eBooks both domestically and internationally

Since releasing in early 2016, HarperCollins has received extremely positive feedback from users, including those who migrated from the previous installation. In addition, user complaints and issues have fallen dramatically, and sales and marketing departments are constantly brainstorming new ways to sell and engage users.

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