Requirements: Provide Google Developers Experts Program with a simple, cost effective and intuitive way to provide employees around the world with a new eBook title.

Google is arguably one of the largest and most sophisticated tech companies in the world. Employees are spread out across the globe; all need access to the best information and education. The Developers Experts team is no exception.

The executive team wanted to provide each Developers Experts member with an eBook copy of Sprint: How To Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days, which is authored by three members of the Google Ventures team. They tapped BookShout to handle the bulk eBook distribution and fulfillment in addition to becoming the reading platform of choice. Through BookShout, all team members can have an exceptional, collaborative experience. 

This is not the first deal BookShout has done to support our Google friends. As they continue to serve their team and hundreds of millions of others in creative, new ways, BookShout will be there to assist with the best technology and top content from authors and publishers.

Google Buys Bulk eBooks