Requirement – Provide Facebook with large quantities of both print and eBooks for large corporate gathering. Create world-class reading experience to align with a top brand.

Facebook used BookShout, the only book distributor capable of delivering great bulk discounts on both print and eBooks, to provide two different titles. These eBooks were given to employees in their preferred format (print or digital) at the Global Marketing Solutions Summit. Employees can read on the BookShout app or web to share notes, highlights, and comments amongst their team. More than a billion people interact with Facebook on a daily basis. Their technology is the standard for user interaction and experience. BookShout was chosen to provide a similar experience the company’s top executives.

Facebook has used BookShout on more than one occasion to provide eBooks and a cutting-edge reading experience to its people.  In addition to providing a branded redemption experience for organization leaders, BookShout can supply additional data on redemptions, user experience, and more.