Requirements: Drive traffic online to a creative, brand-supported game and reward consumer participation with two Goosebumps eBooks.

As part of a seasonal campaign for the Cheetos “Bag of Bones” product, Frito-Lay wanted to tie multiple elements into the release of the Goosebumps movie. As a result, they built an online “create your own carved pumpkin” game.

The game was marketed on participating bags of Cheetos as well as their website. To incentivize participation in the game, players received one of two free Goosebumps eBooks for their active involvement. Users who received the eBooks could quickly and easily redeem their code on a Cheetos-branded redemption page, powered by BookShout.

As a leader in their space, Frito-Lay understands the value of consumer engagement and works to create a satisfying experience for everyone. BookShout was able to exceed their expectations by handling all of the digital elements of this innovative eBook campaign.