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General Mills Serves Up eBooks As Part of a Balanced Breakfast

Reading at the breakfast table is nothing new. How you read, on the other hand, might never be the same.

For the first time ever, iconic breakfast provider General Mills is distributing eBooks through its long-running “Cheer on Reading” literacy program. Now available on 8.4 million boxes of Cheerios®, the “Cheer on Reading” program provides families direct access to one of nine children’s eBooks, creating a new digital platform for General Mills to meaningfully engage with its audience. And it’s all made possible thanks to BookShout’s digital content distribution platform.

What’s innovative about BookShout’s partnership with General Mills is the combination of a breakfast brand families know and love, with the latest in digital content technology to:

  • Deliver meaningful and impactful eBooks to General Mills’ loyal consumer base;
  • Strengthen Cheerios brand loyalty with relevant literacy incentives;
  • Increase General Mills’ profits and recurrent purchases through innovative marketing programs.

BookShout and General Mills are marking each box of Cheerios with instructions and a unique eBook code, redeemable for a free eBook at

At BookShout, we’re always looking to inspire different industries to reach their audiences in meaningful ways—going beyond the established roads to build bridges of engagement that keep customers coming back for more. In BookShout’s mission to change the way people look at eBooks, we managed to change up breakfast, too. Enjoy.