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BookShout, HarperCollins, and AMEX Bring Literary Classics to the Skies with Complimentary eBooks

Toronto travelers can now replace the drama and overpriced lifestyles featured in celebrity gossip magazines with the drama and overpriced lifestyles featured in The Great Gatsby.

BookShout, as part of a joint partnership with American Express Canada and HarperCollins, is now providing complimentary eBooks to travelers passing through Toronto Pearson International Airport. Simply by logging into the airport’s free Wi-Fi service, travelers can download up to six free HarperCollins eBooks per month, readable on the web or via the BookShout apps for iOS and Android. These eBooks are readable both inside and outside the airport for the convenience of travelers.

An American Express Canada survey found that 82 percent of Canadian travelers are often looking for ways to pass the time when traveling, and 89 percent are looking for ways to make waiting at the airport more enjoyable. Through BookShout’s digital distribution platform (in conjunction with Entertainment with Cloud 10) and HarperCollins’ eBook catalogue , travelers now have access to a rotating library of eBooks that expand American Express brand message in ways that are both interactive and engaging.

HarperCollins will make six new eBooks available every month for 12 months for travelers to download. Titles available through the campaign include iconic works by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Conan Doyle, Lewis Carroll and George Orwell – as well as:

David Bezmozgis, The Betrayers

David Nicholls, Us

Clint Malarchuk, The Crazy Game

Daniel Handler, We Are Pirates

Thomas King, The Back of the Turtle

Lauren B Davis, Against a Darkening Sky

Among our myriad of other use cases for eBooks and digital content distribution, BookShout is solving the dilemma of how to pass the time at the airport and on the plane. Next up is figuring out how to prevent the person in front of you from reclining their seat and spilling your drink.