BookShout Greenlights Standard Pricing for Bulk eBooks

Publishers and Authors Can Now Sell Digital Content Without the Hassle

Dallas, TX, (May 25, 2017) – BookShout is the smart way to read more and we have removed one more obstacle for publishers and authors looking to improve their presence in the digital space. Recognized for bulk eBook strategies, BookShout now offers standardized pricing on bulk eBooks to content owners.

In a transitioning industry such as publishing, there are still many hurdles when it comes to the digital sale of eBooks. How do you sell your eBook without the moving parts of a digital product and a proprietary reading platform?

With BookShout’s standard pricing for eBook codes, content owners such as publishers and authors can easily offer digital solutions to any existing print special sales order or provide eBooks as a standalone offer. Content owners can purchase any number of redeemable eBook codes to fill their bulk eBook orders, special sales requests, and marketing needs while staying ahead of their budget. The standard eBook code rates are the latest step BookShout has taken to bridge the gap between eBooks and readers.

“Empowering publishers and authors to benefit from the ability to self-determine and measure the bulk distribution of their own digital content is our goal with BookShout’s fulfillment services. Our open platform activates teams to sell and market eBook titles how they wish. Being transparent and upfront with our rates reduces back-and-forth and allows us to turnaround codes quickly. We want publishers and authors to know there are no limits when it comes to BookShout and their own eBooks,” says Tim Murray, SVP Business Development.”

Standardizing rates allows BookShout to fulfill eBook orders for publishers and authors who are looking to be an all-encompassing bookseller. BookShout’s code-based bulk eBook distribution strategy allows organizations large and small to leverage digital content that has previously been out of their realm of possibility. This methodology creates more revenue streams through a boost to special sales deals, increased profit margins provided by the flexibility of digital products, and eliminated operational costs associated with print books.

Just as in any bulk eBook order with BookShout, standard code packages include critical data and analytics to gauge reader activity and redemption. The redemption data, included with any eBook code quantity, sets the stage for using eBooks as tools in marketing initiatives, engagement analysis, as well as deep insight into demographic behaviors.

Standard Code Pricing is now available to all current BookShout publishing partners, prospective publishing partners, authors, and content owners. Visit Standard Pricing to get more information on putting eBooks to work with BookShout.


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