The great thing about combining people who are maniacally passionate about all things data with more eBooks than you could read in a lifetime is a proven method to truly read more. In fact, it's the smart way to read more. BookShout is dedicated to the thousands of readers and organizations who want access to millions of eBooks, a custom reading experience, and an easy way to track and reach reading goals.

We are a Dallas-based eBook platform that has provided end-to-end solutions to both consumers and data-hungry organizations alike since 2012.

BookShout is a laid-back culture built on bagels, Red Bull, and getting sh*t done. If foul language offends you and autonomy is your worst nightmare, this is not the company for you. If the opportunity to join in the creative expansion of the smart way to read more speaks to your supremely techy soul, BookShout could be your home.

But seriously, we are constantly amazed by the power of reading and are committed to helping the world read more.

INTERVIEW HINT: We will ask about what you are currently reading. Be prepared.


Are you the person at a party whose contribution to the conversation about the latest TV show is a scene from the book it was based on, how it was unnecessarily cut from the script...and bitter about it? We’ve been looking for you.

BookShout is creating a team of Book Reviewers to, well, review books. The ideal Book Reviewer is:

  • an avid reader and book lover who can knock out 6+ books a month.
  • great with deadlines, one might even say you are obsessed with them.
  • irritated when they see a sentence with the wrong use of:
    1. your vs. you’re
    2. their vs. there vs. they’re
    3. then vs. than


A Book Reviewer at BookShout will read one eBook per week and submit a minimum 250-word review. The review structure will ideally consist of a brief summary followed by your honest opinion and/or recommendation. Opinions can be based on characters, themes, plot, etc., but should be careful to not divulge spoilers or “ah ha!” moments. eBooks will be provided by BookShout and will consist of NYT bestsellers, trending genres, classics, even titles that have been on your personal “to read” list. We want to make sure that you are reading something that interests you so if an assigned book doesn’t appeal to you, just let us know. This is a remote position and is paid per assignment ($35) which will be starting at one per week plus the eBook.


Send your 1.) resume, 2.) a brief paragraph about you, and 3.) a sample of your writing (book review, blog, article, etc.) to samantha@bookshout.com. Please use “Book Reviewer” as your subject line. Please note applications without all three components and instructed subject line will not be reviewed.