Branded Direct Program

iStock_000053769968_MediumMuch like our BookShout Direct platform, most retailers and websites want to sell eBooks and digital content alongside their current products. Our Branded Direct program is just like our one-click BookShout Direct program, except that clients can also white-label the reading apps on iOS and Android.

Retailers can implement the BookShout API so that they can sell eBooks directly from their site. Using their own shopping cart, retailers can manage the transaction and allow their clients to automatically sign-in with current credentials, creating a one-click experience. BookShout handles all the fulfillment, reporting, and customer service.

With the Branded Direct program, retailers can sell millions of potential eBooks from thousands of publishing partners, all from their own website. Moreover, they can aggregate the data and build an audience, without sharing the data with other parties. Once a book is redeemed, any user can read it on a branded retailer app, either on iOS and/or Android.

This seamless, end-to-end white-labeled solution is best suited for larger retailers, media companies, and brands with audiences in the millions of current users.