Social eBook Campaigns

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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others can reach millions of people in just a few minutes. With BookShout’s innovative social codes, clients can create eBook and content campaigns that can quickly go viral. One successful campaign had users downloading 300 eBooks every 60 seconds. Another one gave away nearly 50,000 eBook samplers in 24 hours, which then became the catalyst for a pre-order campaign.

collage2-300x226BookShout can quickly and economically help you develop social campaigns utilizing valuable and targeted content to motivate consumer actions and provide numerous backend data points.

Most importantly, BookShout will help you aggregate and make sense of the data. Too many marketing campaigns are void of client data, user engagement metrics, and content insights. We help our partners assimilate this data in a way that will drive sales and empower meaningful ongoing relationships

Case Studies: How I Met Your Mother, A&E’s Duck Dynasty, Bill Nye