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BookShout is the only turn-key service that allows authors to build new and lucrative revenue channels, grow an audience AND capture data all at the same time

1. New sales channels — build custom and targeted programs to drive sales or awareness
2. Build an audience — use email, social, and promotions to build a long-term, engaged audience
3. Capture data — capture customer email data, reading habits, preferences and more

Unlike Kindle or iBooks, BookShout is the only solution that helps authors capture data, build an audience, and gain a deeper understanding of their fans. With this valuable data, you can re-market, build targeted campaigns, and grow your platform. In essence, you can control your own future.

In addition to having your book in all the top eBook stores, BookShout helps authors build new banner-1438sales channels through brands, corporations and social platforms.

We offer:
• Viral social promotions and campaigns.
• Excerpts and sampling programs, online and mobile.
• Text, social, and gift cards for conference and events.the_lean_card29781466842038-cover
• Pre-order and backlist campaigns.
• Direct and affiliate sales opportunities.
• Partnerships with brands, corporations, and events.

Whether you’re a bestselling author, a debut author or a 
self-published author, BookShout’s comprehensive 
marketing and distribution platform can help you build 
an audience and control your future.

Working with BookShout
Feel free to email us at or please visit for more information. We are happy to provide additional examples, demonstrations, or quotes. We look forward to serving you.


Authors work exceptionally hard to build an audience and sell more books. We work just as hard to support them. For events, authors can now use BookShout’s eBook cards, social links, corporate buying programs, and affiliate programs to sell more books.
BookShout also takes the extra step–which no other retailer or technology company does–to help authors build an audience and remarket to them.  We help authors gather information on fans and sales so that each purchase builds a contact and marketing list. Shouldn’t authors build a platform with each book they write? We think so.

Case Studies:  Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), Rosetta Stone, Jane Green, SXSW