MORE INPUT! Everything You Need to Know About Our Speed Reading Update

Our mission at BookShout is to help you read more. We want you to be as excited about books as we are, and we’re continuously striving to improve our platform and apps to change the future of reading.

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MORE INPUT! (Without all the page turning)

Ever since we integrated the Spritz reading technology into the BookShout app over a year ago, we’ve been making enhancements. Our latest release is one we’re particularly proud of, so I wanted to give you some tips and tricks. Effective use of the speed reader will have you reading more than you ever have. Whenever I open up the speed reader, I feel a bit like the 80’s robot Johnny 5, digesting information at lightning speeds, crushing my daily reading goal, and the moment I finish a book I still feel the need for “MORE INPUT!”

The Basics: Opening Your eBook, Transitioning to the Speed Reader & Adjusting Reading Speed, and Daily Goals

Inside the Book: Pause, Jump Between Sentences & Paragraphs

Reading Tools: Defining a Word, Leaving Bookmarks, Notes, and Highlights, and Social Sharing

Use the speed reader throughout your day (yes, you may sacrifice some Instagram time to hit your reading goal) and you’ll easily be consuming more books. Fire up speed reading mode while on the treadmill at the gym, knock out a chapter while on an Uber ride, or devour a couple thousand words while you’re taking a break at work.


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