BookShout’s Vision to Read More

July 1, 2016By Jason IllianBlog

In a world of social media overload and constant distractions, BookShout’s vision is very simple—we want people to read more. With the goal of providing nearly any book imaginable, we desire to help you read more on your smart phone, tablet, computer, watch, or your favorite device. People who actively read more are healthier, happier, … Read More

Can Anyone Beat Amazon? (BookShout’s Unique Approach)

May 6, 2016By Jason IllianBlog

Let’s be completely honest with one another—no one is going to beat Amazon at the current game of retailing and selling eBooks. They’re really good at it. Their traditional retail strategy is strong, their platform is vast, and the user experience is solid. But we can change the game. And the rules. We can disrupt … Read More

8 Reasons Ebooks Will Transform Promotional Products

January 12, 2016By Jason IllianBlog

Promotional product companies and brands are more excited about eBooks than sugar-filled children on Christmas morning— and for good reason. eBooks open up a realm of new opportunities and revenue streams. As the leader in providing eBooks for campaigns and promotions, BookShout has served thousands of companies. We’ve learned a few things promotional products along … Read More