Buy Books, Share Books & Create Reading Groups

January 10, 2013By Alex VasquezUncategorized

Article from MakeUseOf People who enjoy reading books not only relish reading them, but also enjoy discussing the books they have read with others. The sharing of interpretations of plots and ideas in a book is thoroughly fun and stimulating for book lovers. Thanks to the Internet, you don’t need to meet up with people … Read More

Hot Startups Born in Dallas

January 10, 2013By Alex VasquezUncategorized

Article from Entrepreneur What it does: The technology company BookShout! is expanding the horizons of e-books for publishers, authors, brands and readers. The BookShout! social and group reading technology allows readers to buy, interact with and share as they read. The company is based in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas. Entrepreneurs: Co-founder Jason Illian … Read More

A Virtual Book Club Where the Author Is a Member

December 21, 2012By Alex VasquezUncategorized

Article from Bloomberg Venture capitalist Brad Feld has been advising entrepreneurs since around the time Jeff Bezos started selling paperbacks out of his garage. A longtime investor, board member and author, Feld recently found his new favorite way to communicate with his growing legion of followers. For his fourth book, published in October, Feld is … Read More