eBooks, the perfect marketing tool for your product

Make your product stand out from the crowd with a solution that’s green, cost-effective,  fits into any existing marketing system, and has  wide consumer appeal


For education, corporate training, and book clubs

Seamless ebook fulfillment for your workplace, students, or book club—whether you have titles lined up or have no idea what to assign next.


Sell more print books and gather customer data

Every time a reader redeems an ebook, their email address and demographic information goes to you, as does each reader’s progress through the book.


To merge books and technology to connect people, coworkers, students, families, corporations, and brands.

Why choose BookShout?

We've got a killer app

It all starts with our app, available for iOS, Android, and web. Readers can create a fully custom experience. Have Dyslexia? We have the typeface for you. Need the type just a bit bigger? We let you custom the size, typeface, color, and scrolling method that works best for you. Plus we’re the only e-reader that supports the reading-training software Spritz.

We’re all about data

Receive redemption and demographic info, including age, gender, location, and education level—invaluable information about your consumers. Plus critical campaign performance details, progression, and content engagement analytics in your inbox or custom dashboard. Know who is buying and reading your books!

Top publishers = the best content

We work with publishers large and small, from the Big 5 to countless independent & niche companies. We’ll even help you curate the perfect book for your brand, company, or book club. Our team of experts is ready to help!

Cost effective & green

No more shipping or storage costs. The logistical nightmare of dispensing physical gifts-with-purchase? Over. No trees were harmed in the making of this eBook. And there’s zero possibility of an eBook ending up in a landfill.